Treatment of Brachial Plexus Injury

30% of the road accident lead to Brachial Plexus Injury and if it is not treated in time it can lead to permanent disability. Dr Jaspreet Singh Randhawa is trained in Microneurosurgery which is the best treatment for Brachial Plexus Injury in Punjab and India.

IVF - Gives Hope

In this video Dr Balvin has explained about causes of infertility and how IVF has come as boon for such people. There are different reasons that lead to infertility so treatment depends upon the specific reason. Watch the vide to understand.

Simple ways to fight PCOD

PCOD is one of the most common problem in females. However, many people do not understand that this is a lifestyle disease and can be controlled and treated through certain lifestyle modifications and medicines. Watch the simple tips by Dr Balvin Kaur.

I-pill is NOT a Paracetamol

With the availability of over the counter abortion pill known as 72 hours pill or I pill comes with lot of risk. It is for emergency purpose and should be taken under guidance of doctor else it could lead to serios complications even surgery. Watch Dr Balvin talking in detail.

Menopause is not a DISEASE

Like every other phase in a female's life, menopause is also a phase. It is not a disease hence more than treatment one needs to understand menopause and family needs to support the woman during this phase. Menopause is when your periods stop completely.

UTI Infection - Causes & Treatment

UTI is one of the most common problem that is faced by females. Women working and using shared washrooms are at higher risk of getting Urinary Tract Infection or UTI. We In this vide we have discussed about the causes and treatment for the same.

Uterine Fibroids - When to consult

More than 90% of the females in the world would have got a uterine fibroid at some point of their life. Fibroids need no treatment till the time they start showing symptoms or start hindering the pregnancy of female. If they affect your normal life then do consult.

Slip Disc - 90% doesn't need surgery

Slip disc is a very common spine problem which can affect your normal life due to severe backache. However, in 90% of the cases you will not need a surgery for slip disc and it can be treated through medicine and exercises. Dr Jaspreet Singh explains in simple words.

Cervical Pain - Correct your posture

Cervical pain is most commonly seen in people who have lot of table work on computers. But these days mobile phone usage has added another reason for cervical or neck pain. Find out the reasons and treatment for cervical or neck pain in this video.

Back Pain - Prevention & Cure

The number of patients with upper and lower back pain have suddenly increased. Dr Jaspreet Singh Randhawa is one of the best spine specialist in the country. In this video he is talking about the spinal structure and the simple steps that one can take to prevent back pain.

Normal Delivery Chances

In this video Dr Balvin Kaur is talking about improving your chances of Normal Delivery. Dr Balvin is also talking about the food that should be eating during the pregnancy. Exercises which should be done to maintain good health of the mother and the baby.

Parkinson's Can Be Treated

Parkinson's is a neurological disease that leads to tremors and balance issues. This could actually make life of patients as well as family very difficult. Dr Jaspreet S Randhawa discusses about various treatment options available for Parkinson's Disease.

The Most Important - Vitamin D

We all have read that you can get Vitamin D from the sun. This is absolutely true but there are certain conditions which needs to be fulfilled for Vit-D to get absorbed. Watch Dr Jaspreet Singh Randhwa talk about importance as well as way to take Vitamin D

Wrong Posture Leads to Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems that is faced by people of all age groups. Most of it is because of the worng posture and weight issues. In this video Dr Jaspreet Singh discusses about the ways to avoid back pain.

What Causes Spine Fractures?

Spine fracture of stress fractures are quite common. Hear from the top neurosurgeon Dr Jaspreet Singh Randhwa what causes these spinal fracture, how they can be avaoided and best way to treat these spine or stress fractures..

Reasons for Heart Attack in Gym

Off late we have seen so many celebreties suffering severe cardiac arrest while working out in the gym. There has been lot of discussions and blame game for the same. Dr Jaspreet Singh clears the picture on reasons for heart attacks in Gym.

Risk of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are very common among youngsters. People use it to increase concentration and remain awake for long time. But these drinks come with risk. Dr Jaspreet Singh explains the risk of consuming them regularly.

Running or Brisk Walk

One of the most common question asked by my patients is whether to go for jogging or brisk walk. Please watch this video where I have tried to explain all the aspects of jogging and running depending upon various conditions and scenario.



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